Best Online Learning Platforms 2021

Best Online Learning Platforms 2021

This video will show you the best online learning platforms for you to acquire new skills and knowledge. And, of course sell your online courses. You can learn virtually everything online in recent times. From skills, to managerial and personal development courses, online learning platforms make it easier for you to learn from the comfort of your home.
While learning online is great, learning from any online platform
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Online learning platforms are beneficial because you have the luxury to choose from a large reservoir of courses. There is absolutely nothing as interesting as learning in a comfortable, convenient and flexible environment. The best online learning platforms offer series of free online courses and paid courses for career advancement.

Here are the top online learning platforms
1. LinkedIn Learning: This online learning platform offers business professional online courses. It offers more than 1,000 business courses on topics such as product development, digital marketing and business development.

LinkedIn learning platform give certifications that you can add to your profile. To access these professional courses on LinkedIn, you need to subscribe to a LinkedIn premium membership for $29.99 / month or $24.00 / month if you pay yearly.

2. Skillshare : This learning platform offers courses offered in shorter lessons of 20-60 minutes. Skillshare learning platform is best if you wish to get certifications in more advanced subjects such as data science, analytics, and e-commerce.
With over 24, 000 courses, skillshare serve over 4 million students and it runs an open dialogue system. This allows you have an interactive session with your tutor.

3. Coursera: Coursera offers both professional online courses and degree programs. In fact, its online classroom is usually offered by some of the finest universities in the world.
Classes are held by lecturers from top universities across the globe and can be completed in 4-6 weeks.
Though free to join, you can only access major courses if you subscribe to premium membership for $29-99 / month. Online degree programs cost $15 to $25,000 while specialized courses cost $39-79 per month.

4. Udemy: Here is another great online learning platform that allows you access over 100000 courses. You can earn practical leadership skills, business management and personal development courses taught by professors.
Cost for Udemy courses ranges from $10.99 to $150.99.

5. Thinkfic: This is one of the online learning platforms with over 20 years’ experience. Whether you want take a course online or looking for the best online course website to sell your course, Thinkfic is your best bet. In fact, they are known to help organizations come up with the best online courses. Its pro plan subscription is $99/month, while its enterprise plan is $499/month.

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