How to Prepare for Online Learning With Canvas | Canvas | Instructure

Canvas Advocate Chris Giles provides an overview of the Canvas LMS navigation and shares three steps for first time users to get the LMS up and running.

Join some of our expert customers and Canvas Advocates as they help the #CanvasFam understand the basics of the Canvas Learning Management System. Our hosts will present, demo, and take live questions from those in attendance.

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  1. April 29, 2021
    carol cepillo

    thank you, im starting to learn canvas

  2. April 29, 2021
    Andrea Rosegrant

    If a student is logged in on Canvas, they should automatically be on their Teams account correct? Even on their phone? Had a student say they couldn't log in their account after clicking the class link, and was listed as a guest…. >.<what!?

  3. April 29, 2021
    savannah allred

    I can here

  4. April 29, 2021
    Kathleen Hamett

    Thank you!

  5. April 29, 2021
    pius Adeosun

    why do we have the items in the application different from when you enter the canvas direct?

  6. April 29, 2021
    Christy G

    Chris, I lived in Brazil, too! Where were you? What group were you with?

  7. April 29, 2021
    Patrick Murphy

    Question, I have a course set up that is the key for all of the other courses. How do I export/import assignments and or modules from one course to another without wiping out the entire course? thanks!

  8. April 29, 2021
    Tabitha Ballard

    Can you add commons to calendar?

  9. April 29, 2021
    Sandra Jerome-Severe

    Thank you for your help. I had a fear of using Canvas. This is good for someone that is not savvy using a computer..

  10. April 29, 2021
    Maria L Uriostegui

    Hello how can I logging and log off for roll call in canvas

  11. April 29, 2021
    Gary Pajer

    You mention that you will be making more videos. How can I find them on Youtube? (believe it or not, I don't normally surf Youtube so I'm not too familiar with it.)


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