The Future of Online Learning 2020

This video looks at change and technology during the pandemic and after, asking what it is we want to get from our educational systems, and what that might look like in the future.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. I really got a lot of reassurance for the online platform and courses I'm creating now in the areas of entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and soft skills development for youth. I'll look forward to more from you in the future.

  2. Great topic…English academy owner ….gone 100% online, thanks to the pandemic the culture of learning online was forced in a good way

  3. May 8, 2021
    Goapl Djon

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  4. May 8, 2021
    Harvey Scribner

    If we are revamping the system and building a new educational system, can we agree to include Sir Ken Robinson's premise that we should promote creativity instead of killing it?


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