[Global Insight] Online learning has potential to stay beyond COVID-19 and improve education for …

Online learning has potential to stay beyond COVID-19 and improve education for children everywhere: Fmr Education Minister LEE Ju-ho

이주호 전 교육부 장관, 코로나 위기를 21세기 에듀테크 도입 계기로 삼아야

We begin an in-depth discussion on an issue making headlines.
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced schools in South Korea and around the world to take their classrooms online. Both students and teachers are learning to make use of virtual tools and platforms, as social distancing continues… school semesters continue to be postponed.
South Korea is also preparing to begin online classes by distributing smart devices to middle and high school students.
But if remote teaching proves to be a success,… experts say it could lead us into a whole new era of education, beyond COVID-19.
To discuss the future possibilities, we have joining us today Dr. LEE Ju-ho, an economist and professor at KDI School of Public Policy who served as South Korea’s Minister of Education, Science, and Technology from 2010-2013.
1. At this point, online learning seems the only option to maintain schooling and schools are jumping into it, with some less prepared than others. Do you think education authorities will continue extending the closure of schools throughout the year, not only in South Korea but around the world?
2. How should the government support schools and teachers in this situation? Also, not all schoolchildren have access to PCs or the internet. How can we bridge this digital divide?
3. Do you see remote or virtual learning continuing beyond the virus and, if so, how would that change the role of teaching?
4. You are at the forefront of promoting “high touch and high tech” education not just in South Korea but around the world. Why is this approach needed at this point in time, and how can it overcome the current challenges in education?
5. As minister, you promoted equal learning opportunities for all – and focused on providing quality courses for students falling behind. Could remote and virtual learning through edtech be a way of making education more accessible and personal for each student?
6. South Korea may not have as many online teaching resources as other countries do. How can we turn the crisis, or chaotic transition to online learning, into an opportunity?
That’s all we have time for today. It’s been a great discussion.
Thank you for joining the program, Dr. LEE Ju-ho, professor at KDI School of Public Policy and South Korea’s former Minister of Education, Science, and Technology.

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