Online Learning at NYU

When COVID-19 forced campus closures in March 2020, NYU swiftly pivoted to remote course instruction to allow students to safely resume their studies. By leveraging a wide variety of digital technologies and tapping into NYU’s global resource network, faculty and staff across the University adopted best practices for engaging students through online platforms.

Clay Shirky, Vice President for Educational Technologies, explains how online learning at NYU works and what students can expect from their online courses at NYU.



  1. July 30, 2021
    John Tec

    Hello :c

  2. July 30, 2021
    John Tec

    If i have a associate degree of business administration (2023 year of graduation) , what i should do to complete the Bachelor of science on business in the Nyu online?
    Im from Chile, south america.
    And what are the fees aproximadetly?


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