Quizizz: The Indian App That is Disrupting the American Educational System with Gamification

In this episode of Case Studies with the Biz Doc he takes a look at Quizizz. In this episode, he follows the companies timeline and the milestones they reached along the way. Subscribe to the channel and share this video.

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ABOUT Quizizz:
Quizizz is an Indian creativity software company used in class, group works, pre-test review, exams, unit test, and impromptu tests. It allows students and teachers to be online at the same time.

THOMAS N. ELLSWORTH, is an experienced CEO / COO and veteran entrepreneur. He has been disrupting industries and driving consumer shifts through Venture-backed companies in technology, software development, publishing and mobile that have generated exits totaling over $1B. He’s also the host of Case Studies with the Biz Doc on the Valuetainment Economics Channel.

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  1. August 24, 2021
    Suar youtuber™


  2. August 24, 2021
    Mathiu Truhile

    Listen here catman, lol.

  3. August 24, 2021

    I need an app to make curry.

  4. August 24, 2021

    This doesn't prevent teachers from indoctrinating children with ultra woke, socialist ideals. If anything, it encourages more interaction with teachers outside of the classroom, providing even more potential for indoctrination and brainwashing. Come back when you have an app that assists parents in homeschooling their children to the same level of effectiveness.

  5. August 24, 2021
    VS Programmers

    Proud of such Indian companies. This is what Indian IT industry should be known for. Not as a cheaper outsourcing destination

  6. August 24, 2021
    Reasonable Guy

    You have science teacher vibes

  7. August 24, 2021
    Tim Jackson

    Reading a book like the geniuses who developed many of the fundamental laws and theories in the 1700s, 1800s, and 1900s is now outmoded. God help us.

  8. August 24, 2021
    Justin J

    Is Quizizz traded publicly?

  9. August 24, 2021
    Mouad ATERHI

    Is it used in India like in the US ?

  10. August 24, 2021
    Vickie Garri

    Has Twitter made a profit yet?

  11. August 24, 2021

    Keep those damned teachers away from the kids!!

  12. August 24, 2021
    Danny Gonzalez

    I absolutely love this model of teaching.

  13. August 24, 2021
    Sam Lyons

    publicly traded in India ? ( guessing NO )

  14. August 24, 2021
    Andrej Drame

    Go to the moon Tesla

  15. August 24, 2021
    Andrej Drame

    Elon Musk have private school 🏫 for 👋 kids and they will be SpaceX future astronaut 👩‍🚀
    Cool 😎

  16. August 24, 2021
    XP Gamer

    INDIA gonna Overtake everything in the Future.

  17. August 24, 2021
    Mawrlene Macneal

    My opinion, as a teacher: There is a HUGE SHORTAGE of PERSONAL INTERACTION between Students and Teachers. In this day, when People are all masked up, I’m strongly opposed to OUR CHILDRENS FACES being buried more in a machine. A GOOD TEACHER knows how to capture the imagination of their children!!!!!!!!!!! PEACE and LOVE to the WORLD. MAWR

  18. August 24, 2021
    John Adan

    Amazing job an idea a had a 20 years ago when I was playing Sim city 2000

  19. August 24, 2021

    I remember the time people thought gaming made you stupid, glad to see the implementation of Gaming in education

  20. August 24, 2021
    pankaj bhakta

    Hey hey me as a indian high schoolar we used this for like unit tests when online classes were going on

  21. August 24, 2021

    I wonder what kind of education/information this app is teaching to kids in America.

  22. August 24, 2021
    Mr. Pena’s Tutoring

    I’m going to use this in my classroom!

  23. August 24, 2021
    Mit Caru

    Glad to see the buizz Ninja back in action 😃😃😃

  24. August 24, 2021
    Vova Nikitin

    Dear person, who reads it. Yes, I mean exactly you! Maybe we don't know each other. Still, I want to say, that I believe in you! You will certainly achieve your dreams and your happiness! Just don't give up and be honest with yourself! Now you have at least one person who constantly believes in you, which means you are fated to realize your dreams! No doubts here ^)
    Best wishes for you ❤️ from a small YouTuber….

    P.S: In the past, this message ☝ saved me from a lonely and unhappy life! I believe that for you this message at least will make a day! ^)

  25. August 24, 2021
    1 Din Darbar Tay

    ولی اولیا کے دربار دیکھو جی۔J87

  26. August 24, 2021
    kishan rambu


  27. August 24, 2021
    Casey Burns Investing

    Duolingo, Chegg, and apps like it are going big.

  28. August 24, 2021
    Ramon Santana

    Just a daily reminder that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself

  29. August 24, 2021
    Master Mind

    i am 17 i am very very passionate to start self development and personal finance business . how do i start . what should i do and know to start please reply…..


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