Do I prefer online learning or offline learning?

Name : Imaniar Syahputri
From : Muhammadiyah University of Kendari

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College student. Words that make me expect a pleasant college life.Go to college with different clothes, meet new friends, and study time is relatively short compared to studying at the high school level. Just imagining it already makes me very happy to immediately enter college. However, all my expectations were dashed because the lectures had to be held online during this pandemic. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Imaniar Syahputri from Muhammadiyah University of Kendari. I will bring a topic about do I prefer online learning to offline learning.

Well, for some reason, during the online lecture process, sleepiness always comes suddenly. Makes it difficult for me to focus on studying. So, instead of asking or answering the lecturer’s questions, I often say “yes mam” “yes sir”.But when the lecturer said, “I think our lecture for today is enough” suddenly the sleepness that I had been feeling disappeared quickly and the previously quiet zoom room became noisy with thanks to the lecturer. Either thank you for today’s lecture or because the lecture has been completed.

The good thing is, online learning can be done anywhere and anytime. But that does not mean everything can run smoothly. As was the case once during the lecture process, the lecturer actually zoomed in on the terrace of the house where many birds and ducks shouted to each other. So that we can hear the voices of birds and ducks more clearly than the lecturer himself. Not to mention if the bad network causes the lecturer’s voice to start sounding like a broken cassette.

Then after that the lecturer asked us to make a material summary of everything he had explained earlier. Worse yet he told us to make a video of at least 5 minutes. Hearing that, I just rubbed my chest while saying “be patient, it’s only semester 2”

It’s a different thing when offline lectures are held at that time for approximately two weeks. Most of the students who were initially passive during online classes became a little more active. Even though the teaching lecturer is also the same lecturer as when learning online. In addition, the discussion also went very well and was fun. We can throw jokes at each other, whether it’s fellow students or with lecturers. But everything will sound cringe if we throw a joke in the zoom room.

But that doesn’t mean offline learning only includes fun things. There was a time when I arrived at the campus but thelecturer suddenly canceled the lecture. It’s very sad right?

Even so, I prefer learning to be done offline. Because the delivery of material can be more easily absorbed by students than when learning online. For example, my younger sister who has just entered the 4th grade of elementary school, during this online learning process, my sister did not even follow the learning process well. As a result, I, my younger brother or my mother have to be bothered doing my sister’s homework.

In addition, online learning requires a gadget or PC and network access. The fact is that not all students throughout Indonesia have it. Due to the large number of people with weak economies, online learning is very difficult to implement for those who have a weak economy. Therefore, many students have decided to quit school in the midst of this pandemic.

According to the lecturer of the Civil Law Department, Faculty of Law, Padjajaran University, Dr. Susilowati Suparto, M.H “The increase in the number of early marriages during the Covid-19 pandemic is believed to be due to economic problems.”

In other cases, as quoted from, a student who committed suicide was suspected of being depressed because of an online school assignment. This was also confirmed directly by the commissioner of the Indonesian child protection commission, Retno Listyarti.

Therefore, I prefer learning to be done offline while still adhering to health protocols properly so that virus transmission can be minimized. Finally, I close my speech, thank you.



  1. September 21, 2021
    Faridawati Fiay

    For me, it took quite a while to adapt and accept (am still adapting & accepting till now) of having/teaching online classes. Anyway, great job, dear. Good luck with the competition and wish you the best in your future endeavours.❤

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    Great job dear ❤

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    Nice niarr ❤️❤️

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    Nurul Aqilah

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    Asi Rahmaningsih

    "yes mam", " okay mam", suddenly my memory comes to me😂, nice dear☺

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    Wingky Ilmiarsi

    spirit for you💪🏻💪🏻

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    Riska Ayu Saripah

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    U did ur best

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